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Dogs Looking for a New Home

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Male, 2 years

Adoption fee $375

If you're looking for a little love bug companion, Harley may just be the boy for you! 2 years, 10 pounds, he was rescued from a hoarder house in Louisiana.  He's shy at first, needs time to warm up, and then is a very affectionate best friend. Harley was completely flea-infested, his skin was raw and he lost fur.  He has made great progress, most of his coat is back with just a few spots to go.  He is otherwise healthy.  Harley is mostly ok with other dogs, can be jealous of attention, lap time. He loves to burrow under blankets and hang out with his person. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA. 


Double Dapple Doxie

Male, 4 years

Adoption fee $425

Darling double dapple Duffy is looking for a forever home where he can be the apple of his human's eye! 4 years, 10 pounds of sweet doxie love, Duffy hails from Arkansas.  He wasn't treated well early on, but he has a great personality, loves people, warms up quickly, gets right on your lap.  Duffy is deaf, a birth defect resulting from double dapple breeding. He had an injury to his right front leg heal on its own, walks and runs well. Duffy is fine with other dogs, would enjoy being an only with plenty of attention, cuddling.  If you have lots of time and love to share with Duffy, he's a great best friend. Fostered in Mechanicsburg, PA.


Doxie Mix

Female, 2 years

Adoption fee $425

This beautifully unique doxie mix is Shiloh, 2 years, 15 pounds, a very sweet, all-around good girl!  She hails from Louisiana, where she came to rescue as a shelter stray.  Shiloh enjoys running and playing with another dog, wants a doggie buddy in her forever home. Shiloh also loves people very much, especially likes lap time, being close, giving and getting lots of love and affection. She's great with dogs and older kids (hasn't met young children since in rescue). Shiloh has good potty skills but may need reinforcement in a new place.  She's an active youngster, just a wonderful girl.  If you are looking for an amazing new furbaby, please submit our online application. Shiloh is fostered near Philadelphia, PA.



Femaile, 5 years

Adoption fee $375

Beautiful Pippa is a mostly doxie chiweenie, 5 years, 11 pounds, who loves her people and lots of lap time. She's a sweetheart, who does great with other dogs, really enjoys playing when not relaxing with her humans. Pip likes being outside too. She lost her home when her owner passed away and was left alone until rescue stepped in. She has good potty skills, will need reinforcement in a new place. Pippa has a great personality that really shines bright. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA.


Poodle mix

Male, 1 year

Adoption fee $450

Meet mostly poodle Leo, 1 year, 8 pounds of love!  He's a doll baby who loves people and other dogs; hasn't met a cat since in rescue.  He hails from Louisiana, where he was given away, luckily to rescue. Leo loves lap time and playing. He's an all-around great little boy. Leo is kennel trained, likes to potty outside. He'd like a small doggie buddy in his forever home. Fostered near Harrisburg, PA.

Truman & Jackson


Males, 2 years

Adoption fee $625

Double your pleasure with best friends Truman and Jackson, 2 years, 18 and 16 pounds of boyish fun! They hail from Louisiana where they were found running loose. Both are very playful -- with one another, other dogs and people. They enjoy running in the yard, playing with squeaky toys, keeping an eye out for squirrels, napping in the sun. They're also both very devoted to their people, really aim to please, love being held, cuddled, get belly rubs. Jack was treated for heartworms, doing great. Truman fancies himself the alpha. He will try to exert dominance over smaller dogs. If they stand up to him, he'll back off, even play with them. The 2 boys do so well together; they're a great match!  If you have room in your heart for 2 best friends, reach out. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA



Male, 5 years

Adoption fee $225

Sweet, funny doxie mix Nicholas is ready for his forever home where he can be the center of attention! He's fine with dogs but not a buddy for one. Enjoys meeting all people, loves his person, being close, cuddling. 5 years, 13 pounds, Nick had a small bout of IVDD, recovered quickly with rest, steroids. His walk is off a bit, but he walks, runs well, is not hampered in living his little life at all. Nicholas enjoys squeaky toys, will carry them to you for play or squeak them by himself. He's a really wonderful best friend. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA.



Female, 4 years old

Adoption fee $425

Little Genie is waiting for her human angel after coming to rescue as a breeder release. 4 years, 13 pounds, she loves other dogs, exploring the yard, smelling and rolling in the grass. She is learning to trust humans, needs a gentle, patient hand to blossom. Genie is missing a portion of her back left food, said to have been chewed by her mother.  She gets around fine, can walk, run. She's had a dental cleaning. Genie needs a doggie buddy close to her size and a fenced yard in her forever home. If you have a big heart, can give Genie time to open hers, please reach out. She's fostered near Philadelphia, PA



Female, 1-2 years old

Adoption fee $375

Tiny piebald doxie doll Gracy is hoping for her forever home soon. She's 1-2 years, 10 pounds of total loving devotion. Left in a Louisiana shelter with her sister, who was adopted, Gracy ended up alone and scared before rescue stepped up. Gracy cannot see. Some may consider her special needs, but she says her only need is lots of love. She's smart, voice attentive, learns her way around quickly. Gracy is very affectionate, gives kisses, wants to be held, cuddled, hugs back. She gets along well with other dogs, likes to play. She's petite, so no small children. If you'd like to be Gracy's best friend, please reach out. Gracy is fostered near Philadelphia, PA


Italian Greyhouse/Lab Mix

Female, 15

Adoption fee $125

Sweetest Lilly would so like to find her forever home after ending up in a Louisiana shelter when her owner was evicted, and no family member would take her in. She's 26 pounds, a lovely older girl, sweet, gentle; she likes other dogs and loves running, playing in the yard with one or two. Being chased while carrying a squeaky ball really tickles her fancy. She's really amazing fun. Lilly enjoys her meals, does not want to share any with another dog. She has good potty skills. If you can open your heart to this precious girl, the rewards will be many.  Lilly is fostered near Philadelphia, PA. 

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