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Male, 2 years

Adoption fee $475

Say hi to dapper Deuce, 2 years, 15 pounds. He's a terrific boy with a wonderful personality, gets along with everyone. Deuce was taken in after wandering alone in Alabama, came to rescue after no one claimed him. He's a happy boy, who adjusts well to all, plays nicely with his foster doggie buddies. Deuce is a real gem of a doxie boy.. He's fostered near Philadelphia, PA


Doxie Mix

Male, 6 years

Adoption fee $300

This cutie is doxie mix Hal, 6 years, 16 pounds. He ended up in a Georgia shelter after his owner passed and was terrified. Hal had a bit of a tough time adjusting when first out of shelter but now is a happy boy, who loves his foster mom. He enjoys being the center of attention, sleeping in the big bed, will also play with his foster mates. If you'd like Hal to be your best friend and are able to give him a little time to feel comfortable, please reach out . He's fostered near Philadelphia, PA

Susie & Nook


Female & Male, 13 & 7 years old

Adoption fee $375

This darling duo of reds are so sweet Susie, 13 years, 16 chubby pounds and Nanook, 7 years, 12 pounds. Susie is a darling who gets along with everyone. She's easy going, well-mannered, and a total love, gives lots of kisses, loves being close! She enjoys outdoor time, has pretty good potty, will also use a potty pad. Susie lost her home when her owner passed. She's had a dental in rescue, just 2 teeth left, eats wet food, kibble with water or broth. She's been treated for heartworms, doing great.  Nook and Susie met in rescue and became good buddies. He's full of doxie personality, can be wary at first meeting but warms up quickly. Nook enjoys lap time, playing with Susie, also loves attention, belly rubs, gives kisses. He fancies himself alpha, needs a doxie savvy owner. Once Nook goes to sleep, usually in a dog bed in the master bedroom, he doesn't want to be disturbed, will sleep through the night, very happy to see you in the morning. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA.



Doxie Mix

Female, 5 years

Adoption fee $325

Say hello to doxie mix Gigi, 5 years, 12 pounds. An Alabama shelter stray, she's a total love bug, just so sweet and gentle, wants to be close to her person. Gigi also enjoys running and playing with her foster-mates and a game of fetch. She's an all-around good girl! If you'd like to swap love with Gigi, please reach out. She's fostered near Philadelphia, PA




Female, 5 years old

Adoption fee $325

MinPin lovers, meet JuJu, 5 years, 10 pounds of personality! She loves people, happy to meet everyone.  JuJu would be a good only dog with lots of attention. She gets along with other dogs but doesn't need one. She enjoys outdoor time, will help you dig your garden!

Popeye and Bojangles


Males, 6 months old

Adoption fee $695

Double your pleasure with chiweenie pups Popeye and Bojangles! 6 months, 8 and 12 pounds.  The boys are sweet, loving, still shy at first. They need a little patience after first meeting. They came from a hoarding situation in Alabama, so no socialization before rescue.. They love to play! If you have the time, patience, love for 2 active youngsters, please reach out. The pup's adoption fee is $695. They are fostered near Philadelphia, PA.

Jimmy Dean


Male, 11 years

Adoption fee $175

This dapper piebald doxie is Jimmy Dean, 11 years, 12 pounds. He's a mostly mild-mannered guy who is the perfect only dog buddy. Jimmy is ok with other dogs generallt but doesn't interact and really objects to any getting in bed with him. He has good potty habits, even in bad weather, when he runs right back inside. In nice weather, Jimmy enjoys exploring in the yard, lying in the sun.  Somehow Jimmy ended up in shelter. He badly needed dental care, lost all but 2 teeth and had a broken bottom jaw, which was wired during surgery. Jimmy was in a lot of pain for a while, but he's doing great now. He's happy, sleeps like a baby, eats well -- kibble softened with broth or water, wet food, soft treats. If you'd like to welcome Jimmy Dean into your heart and home, please reach out. He's fostered near Philadelphia, PA.



12 years, Female

Adoption fee $175

Say hi to Josie, a rich auburn red, 12 years, 12 pounds. She ended up in shelter for her golden years after the person who stole her 10 years ago became ill. Josie belonged to a family member. The thief did not take the best care of her. Josie has now been spayed, had dental care with extractions, and her skin/coat world's better. She's a loving and loyal girl, okay with other dogs, except at food time. She'd make a great only dog best friend, as she likes to be with her foster mom. Josie definitely likes her naps, sleeping under the covers in the big bed. She's also spunky, likes squeaky toys, will run and throw them across the room and chase again.  If you can open your heart to this wonderful older girl, please reach out.



Female, 12 years

Adoption fee $175

Soft-coated wire girl  Muffin was rescued from a Louisiana shelter.  She's said to be 12, a chubby 16 pounds, working on getting her girlish figure back, has already lost 3 pounds! Her new family must be on board to continue her weight loss.  Muffin is affectionate, easy going, ok with other dogs but is not a companion for one, and she can be food aggressive with them.  She loves her person, likes to know where her foster mom is at all times, though doesn't have to be really close. She enjoys being held, petted. She has good potty habits if not left without a break for hours. Muffin is so deserving of a wonderful forever home. If you'd like to open your heart to this precious girl, please reach ou

Charlotte & Fraiser


Female, 8 years/ Male, 7 years

Adoption fee $675

This stunning pair of long hairs are light chocolate/cream Charlotte, 8 years, 15 pounds and black/tan silver dapple Frasier, 8 years, 13 pounds. They are a bonded pair. Both love their people very much, enjoy belly rubs, being close, though Charlotte is shy at first, needs time to warm up. Frasier is a major kisser. They play together often and well. They cuddle and sleep together. They often do not get along with other dogs, must be the only dogs in their home. Charlotte and Frasier like to leash walk but are not in it for speed. They bark at other dogs while walking, also at home in response to noises, people, other animals. This pair is not best suited for shared wall living nor for children. They had no potty training when came to rescue, have made great strides. They'll need reinforcement in a new home. Frasier has been treated for heartworms and is doing great. Charlotte and Frasier enjoy squeaky toys and chewies, nylabones, yeti chews and they like car rides! They are extremely lovable and will bring a lot of joy to their new family. If you have time to devote to this darling pair, please reach out. They are fostered in Pasadena, Maryland.

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