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Dogs Looking for a New Home

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Finn Jr.

Doxie/Norwich Terrier

Male, 4 years

Adoption fee $400

Uniquely adorable Finn Jr. is hoping for his very own family after being rescued from a Louisiana shelter. A doxie/Norwich terrier, 4 years, 17 pounds, he's a happy boy who likes people and other dogs.  He is laid back, easy going, not one to push ahead of the pack. He likes to play with toys and run around the yard. He uses the doggy door and sleeps in an open crate. Finn Jr. is sweet, affectionate, a great boy! He'll be available for adoption in July after arrival in the Philadelphia, PA area. 



Female, 4 years

Adoption fee $450

Beautiful Saffron, 4 years, 15 pounds, came to us as a breeder release in PA. She's a sweet girl, quiet/shy at first; gets along with other dogs, could be an only with a good amount of attention. Just had her teeth cleaned; no extractions. Saffron is a curious girl, checks everything out; and she really enjoys outdoor time. Once comfortable, she's a love. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA. 



Female, 10 years

Adoption fee $225

Chiweenie Diamond came to rescue because her owner could no longer care for her due to his health. She's 10 years, a chubby 18 pounds. She lost 2 pounds since in foster care. Her new family must be on board with her continuing weight loss.  Diamond was an only dog before rescue, used to getting all the attention.  She likes one dog in her foster home,  the others not so much, prefers her human. Diamond is very loving and is looking for a lap to spend her days in. If your heart is open to welcoming an older baby, Diamond will be your best friend and so thankful for your love. Fostered near York, PA. 



Female, 2 years

Adoption fee $425

Pretty chocolate doxie Sassy is looking for her forever home after her owner became unable to care for her. 2 years, a chubby 35 pounds, she loves people, is very affectionate, wants to be close to her person. Sassy gets along with other dogs, will play. She also loves leash-walking. She's Sassy a sweet, funny girl, who enjoys squeaky toys, gets them to talk by rolling upside diwn on them.  She's a great best friend! Fostered in York, PA.


Doxie/Jack Russell Mix

Male, 4 years

Adoption fee $350

Our uniquely cute Freddy is waiting for his forever home! Doxie/JRT, 4 years, 17 pounds, he's a passionate boy devoted to his humans, loves being close. Ok with dogs, will play some. Has lived with cats. Freddy fancies himself an alpha, wants to be the center of attention. He love being a couch potato with his foster dad; can be jealous of attention in the large pack at his foster home, can clash with another alpha. He enjoys outdoor time; not much of a leash-walker, needs a fenced yard. Freddy is a great best friend! Fostered near Philadelphia, PA.



Male, 3 years

Adoption fee $425

Adorable Peek-a-Poo Koah is ready for his forever home! 3 years, 11 pounds of sweet fun, this boy had a tough life before rescue, neglected to the point of such severe matting, he had difficulty walking. In spite of such a start, Koah is a very happy boy, who likes everyone, enjoys being with other dogs, playing. He'd like a playful doggie buddy in his forever home. Koah is a joy to be around, affectionate with people, just a great little guy with a wonderful personality.  Fostered near Philadelphia, PA.


Doxie/Min Pin

Male, 6 years

Adoption fee $300

Doxie/min pin Finn is ready for his forever home! 6 years, 16 pounds, a sweet boy, who wants to be wherever his person is. He is a mama's boy. He does well on a leash,, likes to sleep under the covers, is good meeting people. He enjoys playing with toys and chew bones, doesn't like to share them. He loves to play in the yard and chase squirrels, so probably not good with cats . He's mostly ok with other dogs but doesn't play with any in his foster home, can be jealous of attention. If you'd like Finn to be your best friend, please reach out. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA.



Male, 2 years

Adoption fee $375

Meet little chunk of chocolate Noah, 2 years, 8 pounds of sweet devotion! He's a major mama's boy who loves hard, is a very best friend to his person. And he really enjoys playing with other dogs. He needs a small, playful doggie buddy in his home and a fenced yard.  Treated for heartworms, he's doing great. Noah is very gentle,  but extremely shy /scared with new people, needs time, patience, TLC to warm up, show his wonderful personality.  If you'd like a very best friend, Noah may be your boy. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA. 

Elle Mae


Female, 7 months

Adoption fee $650

Youngster ElleMae is looking for her forever home at 11 months, 12 pounds! She's a mostly red piebald beauty like her mama (15 lbs.), who was a breeder release to rescue. Elle is shy with strangers, barks at new dogs. She does warm up quickly.  Elle 'is quite an energetic girl, who plays most of every day. She loves the other dogs in her foster home, must have a small, energetic, playful doggie friend close to her size in her forever home -- perhaps her foster buddy Noah -- and a fenced yard. ElleMae enjoys lap time, cuddling close, being with her people. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA.



Female, 2 years

Adoption fee $375

Little lady Sadie is ready for her forever home after being rescued from a Louisiana hoarder house. We were told she is 2 years but think more like 4-5, 10 pounds.  Sadie is shy at first, needs time to feel comfortable; then a devoted best friend, who loves lap time, being close. She gets along with the other dogs, plays a little, cuddles; can be jealous of lap time with just a tiny growl. She also enjoys yard time. Sadie would love an owner who'd spend lots of time with her. She's a great best friend! Fostered near Philadelphia, PA. 



Male, 5 years

Adoption fee $225

Sweet, funny doxie mix Nicholas is ready for his forever home where he can be the center of attention! He's fine with dogs but not a buddy for one. Enjoys meeting all people, loves his person, being close, cuddling. 5 years, 13 pounds, Nick had a small bout of IVDD, recovered quickly with rest, steroids. His walk is off a bit, but he walks, runs well, is not hampered in living his little life at all. Nicholas enjoys squeaky toys, will carry them to you for play or squeak them by himself. He's a really wonderful best friend. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA.

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