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Dogs Looking for a New Home

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Sir Jack


Male, 2 years

Adoption fee $375

Sir Jack is a love bug from start to finish and is looking for his foreverhome! 2 years, 15 pounds, he loves his people, his doggy friends and, boy, does he love his toys! Jack does well in a kennel and has good potty skills. Jack is great with the 12-year old and other ther dogs in his foster home. He'd would do best in a home with at least one playful doggie buddy. Sir Jack will be a great member of his new family! Fostered near Philadelphia, PA



Male, 10 years

Adoption fee $200

Our handsome doll Waldo is ready for his forever home! He hails from Louisiana where he was found in a ditch and taken to shelter. 10 years, 9 pounds, he's a gentle sweetheart, who loves to be held, babied. He gets along with other dogs, also a great only dog. Waldo had some mobility issues when rescued, a wobbly walker. His IVDD treatment included acupuncture, laser, along with steroids for inflammation and rest. He's doing really well, walks all over. His chill personality does not lend itself to much running. Waldo is a dear, a wonderful best friend! Fostered near Philadelphia, PA. 



Male, 8 years

Adoption fee $150

Meet adorable little Buddy, 8 pounds, we believe 13 years. He was surrendered when his mama passed from Covid. Buddy is full of doxie personality; he loves balls, will even get in a baby pool with a few inches of water to play with them!  His favorite pastimes are playing with his ball or laying in the sun. Buddy will need a fenced in yard or courtyard. He listens well but can run fast if something gets his attention. He likes other dogs, hasn't been around cats. Buddy is 90% housebroken and will even go out to potty in the rain! He's been wearing a belly band if left alone because there are incontinent dogs in his foster home, and they may 'influence' him. Buddy has had a dental, lost most of his teeth. He loves to eat his softened kibble with veggies. Dental disease caused his lower middle jaw to decay. The vet decided to leave it as is since it doesn't bother Buddy and he eats well. He sleeps in a dog bed but would prefer to sleep with his human, but he will jump out of bed and off the couch -- why he sleeps on the floor. His foster parents are working on this. Little Buddy is a heart-stealer for sure! If you'd like to share yours with this special little boy, have him be your best Buddy, please reach out . Buddy is fostered near Cleveland, OH.


Doxie/Min Pin

Male, 6 years

Adoption fee $325

Doxie/min pin Duke is ready for his forever home! 6 years, 14 pounds, a sweet boy, who wants to be wherever his person is. He does well on a leash, has good potty skills, likes to sleep under the covers. Duke is good meeting people. He enjoys playing with another dog; loves toys and chew bones, doesn't like to share them. He loves to play in the yard and chase squirrels, so probably not good with cats. If you'd like Duke to be your best friend, reach out. Fostered near Philadelphia, PA.



Male, 7 years

Adoption fee $350

Little Drew is looking for his forever home! 7 years, 6 pounds, chihuahua/pomeranian, he was found as a stray in Louisiana. He's an affectionate lap boy, who wants to be near his person, loves lap time. Drew knows some commands and to go outside for potty, walks well on a leash. Ok with dogs, a great only. Drew is fostered near Philadelphia, PA.



Male, 8 years

Adoption fee $300

Handsome Regan is looking for his forever home. He was left in a Mississippi shelter by his lifelong "family".  He's 8 years, 16 pounds of typical doxie personality. An affectionate, mostly velcro boy, with his humans, he is protective of his home and family with strangers. After becoming used to visitors, he's fine.  Regan loves lap time, hanging out with his person, exploring outside, sunbathing. He's ok with dogs but doesn't need another, will play with a squeaky. If you'd like Regan to be your best friend, please reach out. Regan is fostered near Philadelphia, PA.



Male, 15 years

Adoption fee $100

Meet sweetest gentleman Swiffer, doxie/terrier, sadly left at a shelter at 15 years. The shelter named him Swiffer because he sniffed all over the shelter like a Swiffer sweeper. He had terrible skin and teeth, dry eyes and lost most of his hair. His hair has grown back, and he's had a dental. He’s hard of hearing, doesn’t see well, yet the happiest boy. He prances around the house after his weekly bath and loves to nap. He sleeps in his bed on the bedroom floor. 

Swiffer is good on car rides and at the vet.  He loves his baths, feeding time and naps. He gets really excited when his foster dad comes home from work and when at mealtime, of course. He has the funniest bark when he gets excited. Swiffer is mostly potty trained and doesn’t mind going outside when it’s raining a little bit. He’s about 15 years old and 17 pounds. He's off his skin medications except his weekly bath.  He does have ointment for his dry eyes which gets applied 2-3 times a day. Makes a world of difference in his little life. A fenced yard would be ideal, but he loves to go for short walks.

Swiffer is just a doll baby, so deserves a forever home after all he's been through. If you have a heart big enough to welcome a senior, please reach out. Swiffer is fostered neat Cleveland, Ohio. 



Male, 3 years

Adoption fee $350

Chihuahua Caesar came to us because his owner passed away, has been passed around a bit. He’s 3 years, a chubby 14 pounds, has lost since in rescue, several more pounds to go. His new family must be on board getting him to a slim, healthy weight. Caesar is typical chi -- very timid, fearful of strangers at first. He can be wooed with sweet talk and treats.  Once he knows you, feels safe, he's a total love; sweet, funny, affectionate. And he doesn't take long. Caesar needs a chi savvy adopter, quieter home; no children. He doesn't mind a crate, goes in on his own to chill, nap. Caesar is good with other dogs. If you understand the chihuahua personality, have the little patience needed for Caesar to be your best friend, please reach out. Caesar is fostered near Philadelphia, PA



Female, 7 years

Adoption fee $400

Beautiful soft-coated wire Gretchen is looking for her forever home after her elderly owner passed. 7 years, a chubby 18 pounds, she's quite shy at first, then affectionate, loves hugs, belly rubs. Gretchen would like a human mom to call her own, spend a lot of time with. She's not used to other dogs, ok most of the time, can be jealous of attention. She chases cats. So, a home as an only pet is best for Gretchen. She has some high liver readings, taking Milk Thistle supplements. She was used to a poor diet, overfed people food, includingsweets. Her new owner must be on board with Gretchen's continuing to attain a slim, healthy weight. Gretchen is worth the effort, will be a wonderful best friend. Gretchen is fostered near Philadelphia, PA.


Doxie Mix

Male, 1 1/2 years

Adoption fee $375

Our unique doxie mix Truman is hoping to find his forever home very soon after losing his when his elderly owner became ill. 1 1/2 years, 19 pounds, most likely part JRT, he's an active youngster who really enjoys running, playing with another dog. Truman loves his people very much, likes to be close, be a part of goings on. If you'd like to welcome Truman to your family, please reach out. Truman is fostered near Philadelphia, PA.


Italian Greyhouse/Lab Mix

Female, 15

Adoption fee $125

Sweetest Lilly would so like to find her forever home after ending up in a Louisiana shelter when her owner was evicted, and no family member would take her in. She's 26 pounds, a lovely older girl, sweet, gentle; she likes other dogs and loves running, playing in the yard with one or two. Being chased while carrying a squeaky ball really tickles her fancy. She's really amazing fun. Lilly enjoys her meals, does not want to share any with another dog. She has good potty skills. If you can open your heart to this precious girl, the rewards will be many.  Lilly is fostered near Philadelphia, PA. 


Doxie Mix

Male, 9 years

Adoption fee $200

Doxie mix Ferguson is ready for a forever home to retire to! 9 years, 13 pounds, he's very sweet, chill, loves lap time. He gets along with other dogs but hasn't been one to play. Fergie's best time is spent just hanging out with his people. He's fostered near Philadelphia, PA.

Summer & Ginger


Females, 12 & 11 years

Adoption fee $175

Tiny chis Summer and Ginger would love to find their forever home together.  Their owner passed, and they were left in the home alone with 2 other dogs; a neighbor brought food in.  Summer is 12 years, 4.5 pounds. She really bonds with one person in the home. She can be picky and nippy about meeting new people but does like some folks a lot. She loves being close to her person, napping in the sun. Ginger is 11 years, 4 pounds. She's very sweet, gentle, loving; has a special need. She was injured and is not able to use her back legs. She spends a lot of her time cuddling in her cozy doggie bed, often with her sister. Ginger does wear a diaper. She also has several drag bags. She's not demanding, easy to carry. Her darling personality more than makes up for the extra care.  If you're able to open your heart to these special little girls, please reach out, submit our application. They're fostered in Rehobeth Beach, DE. Adoption fee for both $175 to help with their vet bills.

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